Sunday, October 18, 2015

I have known for quite awhile that using a strap on or some version of exploring using my partner's ass would be pleasurable for me.  As I am exploring my boy's pleasure by using plugs and my hand on his ass....building to more...looking forward to more, even so I am amazed by how much of a turn on it is for ME.  Again, I knew I would enjoy it, but getting as wet as I do just from this activity....and discipline activities too...that level of arousal without yet being touched for my pleasure is beyond my expectation.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tonight I was able to get my boy restrained in a kneeling position with wrists and ankles all cuffed together.  Fist time to use the ball gag and blindfold too.  The combination of these things was very exciting to me.  Visually it was very sexy, but also feeling like he had limited movement, no vision and could not talk was freeing to me.  I could do whatever I wanted.  Hit. stroke, scratch, flog....The blindfold was especially unexpected effect.  I strut around him feeling stronger....maybe braver.  Looking forward to more of this.  I was very aroused, very wet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last night was a nice long session of playing with my boy's ass.  After a little trial and error and some frustration the target hit the tree.  I loved the power of making him squirm, cry out, beg for more, beg for slow, beg for fast and beg to touch me.  The resulting leaking cock was confirmation (as if the sounds were not enough) that my boy was enjoying this activity very much.  Good - since it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  More toys to explore for that are waiting.  One unexpected enjoyment was hours later when we woke again he was still being a delightful boy.  


Last evening , Mommy used the plug for over an hour to milk me. She worked it very deep inside me, while i had the urethral cage and cage on.. causing me to leak and drip, then feeding me the discharge from her hand. She said we are using the larger plug tonight
  i then used my hand to play with Mommy's clit, to make Her cum several times...she was very loud, very wet..sooo sexy

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday:  Took my boy to the barber.  Instructed barber on the clean, neat look I wanted him to have.  After months of no haircut the difference was incredible.  A patron and another barber each commented to me about the "change" and "difference."  I smiled and said "yes, he really needed it."  They did not know all the changes he was making....but he really needed all of them.

Sunday: A good day out with my boy.   A transforming haircut for me.  He was charming and liked.  He also ran errands for me, tending to my needs ... taking care of me.  He knows how to take care of me and make me feel taken care of.  One area that needs worked on...a little PDA.  I like a hand hold or thigh caress....he will learn those things and has been spoken to about them.  I think the pink ass that came with the talking to will reinforce the importance.

It has Begun

Friday:  After years of off and on, getting to know each other over a large space of time and distance, my boy has moved here to be with me.  His first MAJOR act of submission.  He came here.  More importantly, he is finally here and I can finally begin to explore.  

The first night involved beginning the grooming to make my boy look as I need him. First, complete shaving of his genitals and ass.  This little grooming ritual is important not only to look how I want, but for the forthcoming chastity cage and just as important it is a humbling experience for my boy.  There is no area left hidden to me.  He is to bend, turn and spread as instructed.  Once complete I was ready to restrain him "hog tie" style using leather wrist and ankle restraints and a cross piece.  Due to his height we will need some extenders to get the cross piece to work for us.  his wrists were left cuffed behind him and I brought out my crop.  I was VERY pleased with the crop.  The sound, the mark, the way it made him react.  An ass plug was inserted and I noticed a change in him.  Noted.  More crop time then some flogging.  I am unsure about the flogger, but over all the session had me completely aroused and in need.  But first one more mark for him...a little golden shower.

Although I knew that the above would be a turn on, I was shocked by how much it aroused me.  I was extremely wet and reached my first orgasm of the night very quickly and very intensely. I am learning the details of what fits me, but this evening cemented that this is what I want and need.

Why i will be kept in chastity constantly

it's a long story, but i will make it brief.... basically, Mommy and i have been together on and off for 10yrs.. thru all that time, i have not always been faithful or attentive to Her and Her needs.. Through searching how i could possibly be changed to be faithful and attentive to what She wants.. She discovered chastity and it;s benefits to Her and us... hence why i am being kept caged by Her.. i think She wants to start out for short periods of time locked, but i am sure She will want me kept caged for extended periods of time.. we will see.